Online Dating Secrets For Men...

“Tired of staring at your inbox, waiting for that girl you like to write you back, day after day after day?  Instead, learn to be the guy who opens his inbox to find 10-20 emails from women... EVERY DAY!”

In January 2008, two friends, Brian and Murray, decided that they had had enough of failing at trying to meet women in bars, and challenged each other to go online and date as many women as possible within a three month period. On the line? A cool $1000.

On April 1st, they tallied their results.

Brian had gone on 18 first dates, 14 second dates and 10 third dates in 12 weeks (almost a date every 2 days!) The women he dated were intelligent, attractive, and athletic, which was the type he was looking for. Two were executives, one was a lawyer, two were models, one was a former Olympic gold medalist, and one was an extremely successful real estate agent. All of them were between 5-10 years younger than Brian as well. He spent a total of approximately $60 on online dating site fees.

Murray found himself with quite different results. In 12 weeks he went on 9 first dates and 2 second dates. He was not overly attracted to any of the women he dated, and by the end of the 12 weeks, had quit online dating. He spent a total of approximately $400 on online dating site fees.

Why the difference?  One simple reason.  At the beginning of the bet, Brian emailed me and asked if Online Casanova really worked.  I told him if he didn’t not only win the bet... but at least DOUBLE his friend’s results, I’d give him his money back.  Needless to say, he was more than pleased.  Of the women he met, he continued to date 3 of them on a regular basis.

Here are Brian’s own words:  

“I won $1000 in a bet with my friend about who could get more dates online, and I did it with Online Casanova. There’s no doubt in my mind at all that this book made the difference between winning and losing.  

Even better... the women I met were HOT and SMART, where the few women my friend could find were... well... I’m sure they were very nice.

Online Casanova made it almost too easy. I literally could pick and choose from the women online. I’m sure I could have gone for 4 times as many dates as I did, easily, as I usually had about 5-10 new emails a day from women who loved my profile. I started on the pay sites, but moved to the free ones quickly when I realized I could get equally good results anywhere on the internet, without any stress.

Look, if you are single and online dating, buy the book. It’ll save you money on paid sites, it’ll get you way better looking and successful women. It’ll get you a girlfriend. It got me four. It’s the best $47 investment I’ve ever made.”

-Brian Oates (city withheld)

And what about Murray ?  Like the 95% of men out there that have trouble meeting women, he has limited his options to women he gets introduced to by friends, and the odd lucky encounter at a bar.  He is going to SETTLE.

The truth is, you can have whatever you want in life if you work hard as well as work smart!  This applies to online dating even more so, as it has become a mainstream method of meeting people.  Brian chose to work smart, instead of throwing money at the problem like Murray.  You can have whatever results you want... success is your CHOICE.

“This book is brilliant. I had no idea why I was getting almost no replies from women on online dating sites. It explained every mistake I made throughout the whole process, and they became so obvious to me. It changed my internet dating overnight, literally. I’ve read a ton of online dating (cough) ‘advice’ off the internet, and none of it was worth a damn compared to the system in this book. Absolutely brilliant.”

–KQ from Buffalo , NY

Online Casanova:
For Men

Please understand one thing... Online Casanova is not like any other book.

It is not ABOUT online dating...

It is a system of creating deep emotional connections and attraction through profiles and emails... the form of a book

Why does Online Casanova deliver

where other books fail?


It does not teach you how to log into a dating site...
It teaches you how to attract the attention of EVERY WOMAN on that site!

It does not tell you why you must write a dating profile...
It shows you how to write a profile that FASCINATES women and gets responses!

It does not teach you how to use your email software...
It teaches you how to write emails that make her forget everyone else in her inbox!

It is not filled with vague stories about how people fell in love on the internet...
It is filled with DETAILED EXAMPLES of how to apply the tools it teaches!

It doesn’t tell you how to pick the right dating site for you...
It teaches you the steps to attract ANY WOMAN on ANY SITE!

Online Casanova
does not teach you about online dating...
Online Casanova teaches you HOW to online date... at the highest level possible!



“Online Casanova is the real deal. It isn’t one of those typical online dating books that you get at big name book stores, that just teach you how to log in to a dating site, send smiles, and otherwise do the same thing that the other 15,000,000 people dating online are doing. Instead, it teaches you to WIN!”

-BL from Chicago , IL

Detailed Chapter Examples

In order to really show you the tools of the game, I’ve broken down some of what you will learn in Online Casanova. The following steps are all part of the process that will teach you how to meet as many women as you feel like through online dating sites, or other social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.

  • The FIVE STEPS in the process of online dating, from start to finish, and how to take a girl from one step to the next without losing her attention! Pg. 10

  • Detailed methods of applying the FOUR KEYS to online attraction. These are the cornerstones that you’ll need to build with a girl to make her decide that she absolutely has to meet you in real life!

  • The secret of how to create an emotional connection with her. This is the absolute key to online dating success, and will get you success you couldn’t have imagined. Pg. 14

  • Not just to have a photo, but how to have the RIGHT PHOTO. Pg. 15

  • How to display massive value to her through your photos, how to pick and choose which photos to use, and why backstage photos as just as important as your main one. Pg. 17

  • FIVE great types of photos to use in your profile, and how each type creates a different emotional impact on her. Pg. 19

  • The WORST HEADLINES EVER, and how they destroy your chances of getting her to even open your profile. You’ve probably used some of these without knowing it. Pg. 22

  • UNIQUE and FUNNY HEADLINES that will almost guarantee she will open your profile and read it from start to finish. Pg. 27

  • The FOUR MOST BORING opening paragraphs that cause readers to move to the next profile almost right away. I bet you are using one of these! Pg. 32

  • How to hook the reader in your opening paragraph using multiple techniques, so she’ll read your profile all the way through. Pg. 30

  • Samples of THE WORST PROFILES I’VE SEEN, and a breakdown of all the ways they fail to attract a woman. Learning from other people’s mistakes is great! Pg. 32

  • The real truth behind why you don’t seem to be able to attract the type of woman you really want , and how to restructure your profile so that women come to you. Pg. 37

  • How women interpret your profile, and why certain types choose to respond while others click past. Pg. 38

  • Your Online Image: Should you be the Bad Boy, or Nice Guy? It’s a trick question, you’ll find the real answer on Pg. 40

  • TRUE MASCULINE VALUE: the traits she has always longed for in a man... and most importantly, how to portray them properly in your profile! Pg. 41

  • How to display the value of a sense of style, and why it is so important to women. Pg. 47

  • How to draw out the attractive qualities you didn’t even know you had, and which of them are important to women! Pg. 48

  • The ONLY FIVE TOPICS SHE CARES ABOUT. Putting anything else but these in your profile is pretty much a waste of time. Pg. 51

  • One of the most dangerous topics - YOUR JOB! How to deal with this topic properly and avoid the trap that most men get caught in, RICH OR POOR! Pg. 53

  • A simple system for compiling your info into a tight profile that is structured specifically for her to read. Pg. 56

  • A full sample profile that displays all the techniques properly implemented, with an extensive breakdown of the structure and how each part creates attraction, value, and builds an emotional connection with the reader. Pg. 60

  • How to write funny stuff! Conveying a sense of humor means more than telling her “I’m funny,” make her laugh while she’s reading your profile and emails! Pg. 64

  • Why writing adjectives such as “I’m fun, easy going, and funny” are a terrible idea, contrary to what everyone thinks. You’ll learn how to really describe yourself, using words that will awaken her senses. Pg. 66

  • A series of questions that you can use in your profile or emails to get her to actually start creating an internal image of you and her together, along with the emotions that go with it. Pg. 72

  • The FIVE THINGS you should never talk about in your profile... no matter what. Pg. 77

  • The TEN BIG LIES WOMEN TELL, and even more importantly... how to identify them ahead of time! Pg. 88

  • One huge secret that will help you improve your profile continuously, until it is getting the results you really want. Pg. 91

  • THREE important parts of your profile that you must continuously rotate, in order to keep it fresh and attracting new women. Pg. 93

  • FIVE COMMON MISTAKES that you will make in your OPENING EMAIL to her. I guarantee that you’ve done at least one or two of these, but probably more. Pg. 95

  • The two distinctly different categories of women online dating, and why you need to treat each one differently in order to get results. Pg. 97

  • A great place to find SMART AND SEXY women online that most guys ignore, leaving you with almost no competition! Pg. 98

  • FOUR EVERY DAY COMPLIMENTS... that you SHOULDN’T use. These are normal things that you’d say to a girl in real life, but should never say online! Pg. 98

  • How to read between the lines of a woman’s profile, and more importantly... how to respond directly to it, creating a deep subconscious connection with her. Pg. 101

  • The most important thing you can do to not screw up your chances when a super hot babe replies to your opening email! Pg. 106

  • The trick to writing a superb second email, that will make her start to forget every other guy but you. Pg. 107

  • The FOUR CRITICAL QUESTIONS you should ask in your second email to a girl, which will build your value immensely. Pg. 107

  • The secret trick to talking about yourself in a way that builds comfort and connections with her, instead of just telling her what you like and don’t like. Pg. 108

  • The SIX COMMON MISTAKES that you will make during an email interaction with her that will cause her to flake on you... and how to guard against all of them. Pg. 112

  • FOUR gremlins that will kill a great connection with her between your first email and when you ask her out. Avoid these little suckers at all costs. Pg. 112

  • The EIGHT PRINCIPLE RULES OF MSN MESSENGER, how to stay on top of the game, build attraction and chemistry, and keep that spark going during live chat. Pg. 113

  • NINE FATAL MSN/chat mistakes that you can make all too easily. Pg. 114

  • A surefire way to gauge her level of interest for you through email or chatting. Pg. 115

  • The CRITICAL TIMES during email or chat exchanges that you should ask her out, and when you absolutely shouldn’t! Plus a “How To” guide to taking an online relationship into the real world. Pg. 116

  • The Principles of Attraction, a quick primer of the science of building attraction and chemistry with a girl in real life! Pg. 121

  • The Rule of Congruency: You can get away with lying about age and height, but you can NEVER get away with breaking this rule. Pg. 122

  • And much, much more... Including detailed samples and examples in each section!

And if you are a guy like me, you’ll want it NOW, so you can start meeting women NOW, which is why I’m offering it as a downloadable e-book that you can start using immediately.

“You’ll also get TWO additional

bonus guides!”

Online Casanova:
Profile Boosters

Profile Boosters is about creating additional connections and value through your profile and emails, and how to make writing back and forth more fun and interesting (an important factor in getting a woman to write you back!)

It is packed with samples and examples from actual profiles and emails, with explanations of how each works.

It contains:

  • A method of packing a ton of information about yourself into a limited space, which lets you build multiple connections very quickly.

  • A fun little interactive game that lets you tell your best stories without sounding like you are bragging.

  • A great way to build some serious flirting into your profile and emails.

  • A method of setting up your first kiss on the first date way ahead of time, so that there isn’t any doubt about whether or not it will happen.

  • How to get your reader to visualize romantic adventures with you through descriptive “mini-dates”.

  • How to answer that boring old online dating question “What would you do for our first date?”

  • Great ways to close your profile or emails by giving her something she can’t resist to write about, so that she will be more likely to email you back.

  • A great “get to know you” exercise specifically for email, that will help you create massive connections and strengthen your rapport.


Online Casanova:
Online Dating Tactics

In Online Dating Tactics, you’ll get a whole range of 1 shot tricks and tactics to maximize your online dating profile performance and email successes.

The information in this guide supports the Online Casanova system perfectly and even on its own will massively improve your dating.

It contains:

  • A practical technique for picking an online dating site. This is the ONLY rule I use when I decide where to place my profiles and spend any money on registration.

  • Three great techniques for maximizing your visibility to the women who are searching for you.

  • A great way for simplifying your online dating if you are using multiple sites.

  • A VERY IMPORTANT way of protecting yourself and your identity.

  • Where to find the women who are most interested in receiving your attention!

  • A great trick to make sure you are getting exposure to all the women who are scanning the dating site you are using.

  • A few time saving techniques that will allow you to simplify your life and not spend all your free time wrapped up in emails, instead of being out on dates.

  • My personal tips of keeping track of your dating life, (learned the hard way from experience), keeping you from embarrassing blunders!

  • The types of women who are complete wastes of your online time and who will never meet you in person...and how to identify them.

  • And much, much more!

Each of these guides sell for $14.85 each, for a total of $29.70 in freebies!
We've sold advanced copies of Online Casanova for $120 EACH, with not a single complaint!  That's a total of $150 in value!  But instead of selling them all separately, we are bundling them all together, the entire system, for only $47.99!


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It won’t take more than a minute or two, and then you’ll have all the information in your hands to start changing your online dating success today!

From there, if you are anything like me, you’ll scan through all of it, looking for stuff that you can pick out and use right now. There’s nothing wrong with looking for a little immediate success, so go for it.

Then when you are ready to start from square one, begin reading from page 1 and let the whole thing sink in. Keep your profile open so you can reference and make changes along the way.

As success starts to grow for you, you’ll be able to reference all the material at hand quickly and easily, to help walk you through each step of the process.

Once you read this, it will all make sense. Why girls stop emailing you, why they don’t email at all, why you can never get the girls you really want, all of this will change.”

SI, Orlando , FL

You are going to get:

  1. The complete Online Casanova dating system - that will teach you to master online dating from the first step of getting her attention to the last step of meeting her in person on a date.

  1. Profile Boosters – A book full of great techniques to increase interest and attraction throughout your profile, including samples and examples of each.

  1. Online Dating Tactics – Tips and tricks that will help you generate more traffic to your profile, and get more women interested in finding out who you are!

... for only $47.99!


  • Is $47.99 worth it to you to get a steady string of dates every Friday or Saturday night?

  • Would you rather be out on a date than wasting time and money in bars and clubs, hoping to get to talk to a girl?

  • Are you already online and spending a ton of time and/or money without getting responses?

Online Casanova is your answer.

I guarantee it. I am so sure that Online Casanova will work for you, I’ll give you the following...


You won’t get this from something you pick out of a bookstore... 

I back up Online Casanova: For Men with a 100% money back guarantee!

It is important to me that you are considering buying my product. There are other books out there that promise the world, but I want to deliver. I want you to find success. I want this to work for you.

If you have read the book and are putting in the time and effort to really try to create a great profile and deep email conversations, and within 90 days, you aren’t 100% satisfied with the product, I will refund 100% of your money!

I will assume all of the risk so you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Try it out, and see if it works for you. You have everything to gain!


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All my best...

Dylan Alexander

P.S. One more bonus gift if you buy today! I hate when I buy a book or computer program and a “new version” comes out six months later. If you buy your copy of Online Casanova now, I will sign you up to a private “FREE UPDATE” list, where I will email you a FREE update of Online Casanova: For Men should I ever do a rewrite or update of it. I don’t know how long this offer will last and can’t guarantee that it will still be available after the end of this week.

P.P.S. Every strategy and technique that you will read, I have used personally and extensively tested “in-field.” Everything that you read is a PROVEN technique. Not theory, not vague ideas, but actually PROVEN to work with women! Remember, you have a 100% money back guarantee, there is no risk to you at all.

* * * * *

What men who have used Online Casanova

have to say:

Dylan buddy, you totally figured out online dating. Your book is easy to read, but really breaks down how it works, how to get a girl interested through what you write, and how to keep her interested through your emails enough to want to go out with you. Wicked.”

JH from Vancouver , Canada

Dylan has been coaching me through online dating for about three months and gave me an advanced copy of his book Online Casanova. It is everything that he’s taught me, wrapped into something you can read in a weekend, and more. Even though I’m now at the point where I have no problem getting any girl I want to talk to me online, I still reference the book non-stop as a good reminder about how to stay on top of my game.”

-RF from Santa Monica , CA  

I didn’t believe in online dating. Why? Because I sucked at it. And therefore, it must suck. And then I read an article about Dylan and Online Casanova, and I thought he was full of it. After checking out his blog, I thought I’d just try a copy of his book and prove that I was right and he was wrong... Now I’m getting two or three steady dates a week through my online profile. Sometimes being wrong isn’t so bad.”

-KB from Toronto , Canada

 “I was lucky enough to be one of Dylan’s guinea pigs while he wrote the Online Casanova system. It is unbelievable how deeply he can create a connection with a girl through two or three emails. And the best part is that he can explain it easily, in guy language.”

VT from Vancouver , Canada

Dylan, remember you bet me that I could get twice as many responses to my profile with three changes? So I made the three changes you told me, but you were wrong... I got six times as many responses! Ah hell, I’ll still buy you that beer.”

BH from London , England

If you have questions about Online Casanova, or any of the Way Of Attraction products, contact us for more info.

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