First Steps Of Becoming A Natural
By BDanny Ocean

In lieu of the events that have happened this week, I couldn't help but write about a topic that I feel very strongly about.

A few men have asked questions on how to create a reputation as a "ladies man" within their circle or to create a persona that women respect.

Though everyone will have a different approach, there is one universal rule that all naturals follow. It is, in all my research on the very subject, the first step that most men take in their journey towards becoming a natural. And one that I'd highly encourage to anyone who is *serious* about changing their life and their success with women to adopt. It requires no deliberation, no analysis and I guarantee that it will bring you instant results in getting the attention and respect of the same women you adore.

The rule? Discretion.

Let me explain...

Weak, needy, and insecure men consider sleeping with a woman as something to brag about to their friends. The reason? Because they usually don't get so lucky. And especially if it's a beautiful woman, they consider it something worth being glorified for.

Strong, secure, confident men don't have any of that need because they routinely get affection from women. We flow into and out of female circles with the utmost respect for our partners and our lovers. Regardless of whether it's a one night stand or a prolonged courtship, a debaucherous night filled with crazy love making or an accidental ménage e trois, our private lives are in fact in all respects, private. We approve ourselves first and don’t need the blessings of our friends or to share stories with our buddies to feel good about ourselves.

Let me be clear.

Women will *always* gravitate towards men from category #2. Always. As a matter of fact, most women I know consistently complain about the lack of men in category 2. And the first step in migrating from category #1 to category #2 is to keep your private life to yourself. It's a major turn off for me when I hear a friend or an acquaintance speak about his sexual conquests about a woman that I know or will be introduced to at some point.

My friends are guilty of this. One of my friends, a married man, consistently asks me this question:

"Remember so and so from last night, did you close?"

To which he routinely gets one of these responses from me:

"I like her. She's nice."
"If I say no Mr. Alec Baldwin, does that mean I don't coffee?"
"I can't tell you. Either way you're probably going to see her again with me."

Now, follow along....

He made the mistake of getting drunk one night and asking me in front of his wife (a former model) and her 3 sisters (a doctor, a lawyer, and a fashion designer). All of them had heard about me from, no doubt, him and it was our first night meeting each other. When I brushed his question off, he persisted again. And I again, changed the subject. When he finally called me on it, I calmly told him:

"Look...she, or any other woman, is not a not a trophy to me. I can't tell you one way or the other because it violates what I believe."

He replied:

"Not a trophy! Ha! You have a different trophy every night."

And I replied back (with some intensity as he was being obnoxious):

"They are never trophies. Ever. I'd be crushed if anyone I've ever dated held that opinion of me."

The conversation dwindled after that. However, I noticed that the energy the women were exhibiting, which was restricted at this point, changed. The doctor even managed to eek out a partial smile.

Later that night, while in a lounge, the question came up again. This time however, it was one of the 3 sisters that replied back, with this shocking response:

"You're such a Neanderthal. It's obvious that he doesn't view women as objects and he's not going to tell you anything."

Then the others chimed in and for the rest of the night, it was the 4 of them defending me. Add in the fact that I've dated some of their friends, and this is by far, the best compliment to an aspiring natural.


Please respect your partners. Consider putting their need for privacy and discretion above your need for glory and I guarantee that in time your reputation as a man who respects women will spread.

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