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The Way of Attraction
Affiliate Program

Begin helping others learn the secrets of true attraction and charm through Zan’s proven world-class learning programs AND earn commissions while doing it!

We pay a 25% commission across the board, even on our $250 flagship Way of The Natural DVD series! This commission will only get larger as we add more volumes to the series.

Earn 25% commission on all of our products!

Earn $82.25 For Every Sale Of Our Get Everything Package Deal!
Earn $62.50 For Every Sale Of Our Way Of The Natural DVD Series!
Earn $32.50 For Every Sale Of Our Monte Carlo Sessions CD Series!
Earn $11.50 For Every Sale Of Our Presentations Volume 1!
Earn $10.00 For Every Sale Of Our Presentations Volume 2!

Earn Recurring Commissions from Repeat Customers!

We will be releasing a new product every few months or so. You will be paid a 25% commission on every purchase made by a customer you send us, not just on his first visit, but for every visit thereafter! As long as your customer keeps buying, you'll keep getting paid!

Track Your Own Sales!

Our affiliate program gives you real time notification every time a customer makes a sale through your links! You can login to your affiliate account any time and see live how much money you’ve made! Our program is run by a third party affiliate system, so you know that all sales figures are impartial and unaltered.

Get Paid Easily!

If you have a Paypal account, you need to do nothing more than watch the money roll in. We pay your entire monthly earnings at once, giving you a hefty paycheck at the end of the month! NO MINIMUMS!

No Cost To You!

There is no cost for you to sign up. We are here to help you get set up quickly and easily and offer you support where we can. If anything, we want you to be up and running as smoothly as possible.

Everything you need is supplied!

Once you have joined our program, you will have access to a library of quality banners to select from, in a range of styles to suit a wide range of web site designs. We also supply everything needed to add those banners to your web pages.

How it works:

  • First, fill out the application form at the bottom of the page. We will review your site and determine whether it is a good match to our products and notify you of our decision. If you are accepted into our affiliate program, we will send you detailed information on how to complete your registration.
  • Upon registering with our affiliate program, you will be provided with both affiliate codes to both sell our products on your website, as well as direct traffic to our website. We will also provide you with some sales copy to help advertise our products on your site, including logos and banner ads.
  • Upon clicking on one of the links, our affiliate tracking system follows the customer all the way through to making a purchase. From there, the system automatically registers that as a sale through “you”, and notifies you. At the end of the month, you will automatically be paid for your share of the revenue through our system, either by Paypal (preferred) or by check. You will be able to login to the system at any time to track your current sales.


  • We reserve the right to terminate your affiliate program at our own discretion. This could be for reasons such as, but not limited to: use of material we feel inappropriate on your website (adult content, copyright violating content, etc...), misrepresentation of our brand or product, alteration of our copyright material, etc...
  • You agree to host and maintain all links, tracking codes, product banners, that we provide.
  • A third party is responsible for processing and tracking affiliate orders through you, we are not held responsible for any mistakes or delays that may occur. We are also not responsible for any occurrence where a client may disable or circumvent tracking codes, in such cases as (but not limited to): bookmarking the site for later viewing, manually entering the URL, clearing cookies, or otherwise tampering with the code.
  • You receive payments only for eligible products sold by us to clients who have come to our site through your affiliate link and paid for their products in full. Should a product be returned that was purchased through you, you do not earn a commission off that sale. Should the product be returned after you have been paid for that sale, the equivalent value will be held from your next payment.
  • The percentage of sales that you are paid is based only on the value of the product, not including any other charges such as shipping, handling, or taxes.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the structure, payment system, and percentages of our affiliate program without giving any notice.
  • You must submit all created marketing material that you plan on using to sell our products to us for written approval before publishing it.
  • You are purely responsible for your own website. You may not duplicate the look/feel/layout of our website. You may not represent your website as being part of Way of Attraction Inc. You may not use your affiliations with our company to indicate that we endorse your product or website in anyway. You agree that your website will not contain any illegal, adult, or obscene material. Your domain name may not contain any words referencing our brands (Way Of Attraction, Zan Perrion, etc.).
  • Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. The agreement begins with our acceptance of your application. You are only paid for sales occurring during the term of your affiliate with us. You will not be paid for sales occurring after termination, or before acceptance of your application. We will withhold your final payment until the term of our return guarantee has expired.
  • All customer information belongs to us and is kept strictly confidential and may not legally be shared.
  • Any sales information shared between both parties is considered confidential and may not be disclosed to any other party.
If you understand and agree to these points, and wish to initiate an affiliate program with us, please sign up today:
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